aethermeister (aethermeister) wrote in theory_research,

Relativity from absoluteness

The shortening of bodies in the direction of motion, Lorentz contraction, follows from the solution of Maxwell's equations. Moving light clocks will tick slower than those at rest because the speed of light does not depend on a source of the light. The latter and Lorentz contraction imply the relativistic time dilation. The invariance of the light speed defined as the round-trip value follows from the time dilation and Lorentz contraction. An observer is incognizant about his motion relative to the absolute frame of reference. So, in order to synchronize spaced clocks in a moving reference frame he uses the same procedure as in the absolute frame. We deduce the Lorentz transformation from the Lorentz contraction, time dilation, invariance of the light speed and synchronization procedure. Lorentz transformations constitute a symmetry group of Maxwell's equations. That is the reason why the absolute frame can not be distinguished among other inertial reference frames.

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